Urawa Red Diamonds 2023 season jerseys

The Urawa Red Diamonds new season’s home jersey inherits the team’s traditional red, white and black color combination, with the black shoulder sleeves and socks of the same color to express the feeling of giving strength to the whole body. The front and back of the jersey have two colors that are brighter and darker than the traditional red, showing a subtle sense of layering and giving the players a clearer, more dynamic and lively image. The design of the jersey also makes use of digital technology, so that from a distance, the two new shades of red will be combined to appear as the familiar traditional red.

The Urawa Red Diamonds new season’s away jersey collar is inspired by the team’s 1993 season jersey and features the sky blue color of the 1993 and 1994 away jerseys. 2023 marks the club’s 31st year of existence, and with a return to the colors that have marked the team’s early memories in the J-League, the design of the new jersey embodies the club’s desire to continue to open up a new era.

The club crest on the chest of the new jersey highlights the symbol of the team, a symbol of pride for both the club and the players, with the three championship stars above the crest highlighting the team’s pride. Other exclusive details include the team’s honorary slogan “We are REDS!”, the “12 Hearts” logo and the “Sports For Peace! ” public service advertisements, etc.