Could Lionel Messi’s Return to Barcelona Be a Possibility? Xavi Hernandez Weighs In

The prospect of Lionel Messi’s return to his beloved Barcelona has been the subject of speculation for weeks. Now, former Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez has weighed in on the possibility of Messi rejoining the Catalans this summer. According to Xavi, Messi’s return mostly depends on the Argentina forward’s intentions.


Messi left Barcelona in August 2020 after a tumultuous year that saw him publicly criticize the club’s board and request to leave. After months of negotiations, he eventually signed for Paris Saint-Germain. However, sources have told ESPN that Messi will part ways with PSG when his deal expires at the end of this season.

Messi-Barca reunion depends on player - Xavi

Xavi has since been coaching Qatar Stars League team Al Sadd since 2019 and recently shared his opinion about Messi’s possible return. He said it is up to Lionel whether or not he wants to come back, and pointed out that there are other options for him as well if he decides against returning.


The former midfield maestro also noted that things have changed since Messi left last year; new players, coach and sporting director have all arrived at Camp Nou and this could play a role in convincing Leo to come back home. Xavi acknowledged that if a player like Messi returns to Barcelona it would bring an extra burst of energy to an already exciting squad as they continue their quest for silverware this season.


Additionally, he spoke highly about Paris Saint-Germain’s jersey 2023 design which features blue central ribbons alongside red side panels – colors synonymous with both France and Qatar – saying “it looks really nice” and adding that “It shows the power of football in these two countries coming together”.


In conclusion, while only time will tell if Lionel Messi does indeed return to Barcelona this summer or not, it is clear from Xavi’s words that there is still hope. If Leo chooses to make a comeback it could be one of the most remarkable stories in football history; uniting one of the greatest players ever with one of the world’s most successful clubs once more would no doubt bring immense joy to fans across the world who are eagerly awaiting news regarding his future plans.