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AS Roma x Aries jersey season 2022

TheĀ  jersey co-branded by AS Roma and British streetwear brand Aries. True to the world-famous “Giallorossi” color scheme, the collection features the red and yellow color scheme that has long been a symbol of the club and a diagonal marble texture. The pre-match jersey also incorporates a wave of black, accented by a black collar. The goalkeeper’s jersey features a cosmic fusion pattern created by the Aries brand’s famous dyeing style, inspired by junk culture, extraterritorial art and illustrations that were central influences on the brand’s founder, Sofia Prantera, who is also a Roman.

Kenny McCallum, General Manager of Football at New Balance, said, “Rome is arguably the most historic city in the world, a city that has shaped culture for thousands of years. The partnership with Aries not only pays tribute to the important role that FC Roma has played in the narrative of this great city, but will also work with the team to write the future on and off the pitch.”

“Collaborating with an institution like the Club of Rome truly brings together sport, fashion and culture,” said Sofia Plantella, founder and creative director of the Aries brand. “As a Roman, I understand how important this club is to the city and to millions of fans around the world, and I wanted to reflect this by celebrating the design of the city and conveying its unique expression of the origins of soccer and fashion.”