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Manchester City 2023 Year of the Rabbit Special Jersey

PUMA and Manchester City FC have jointly launched a new limited edition Manchester City Year of the Rabbit jersey to welcome the arrival of the Year of the Rabbit in 2023. The rabbit, the most closely associated with the moon in Chinese culture, has always carried the Chinese people’s beautiful desire for the moon, and the moon is the iconic symbol of Manchester City FC. The Moon Palace folds the laurel, the Jade Rabbit welcomes Spring – this Manchester City Chinese New Year jersey combines the club’s tradition with Chinese culture, along with the blue moon of Manchester City’s New Year wishes, and carries the fans’ love of chasing “across the earth and the moon”.

The overall dark pattern of Manchester City’s Year of the Rabbit limited edition jersey uses different shades of dark blue to outline the texture of the moon’s surface, and the collar, cuffs and shirt print are complemented by golden accents with a Chinese New Year flavor. To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the successful lunar landing mission of Chang’e-3 with China’s first lunar rover, Yutu, the exclusive logo combines the image of the moon rabbit with the Manchester City team logo. The geographic coordinates representing the successful landing of the Chang’e 3 probe on the moon are placed on the inside of the collar as a special detail to help Manchester City start the New Year with a good meaning.

The new Manchester City Chinese New Year jersey will have a distinctive design and a good meaning to wish the loyal Manchester City fans in China in the new year and bring them closer to their love in the coming Year of the Rabbit. At the same time, it is also a great way for fans from all over the world to renew their love with Manchester City in the New Year.